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  • Give – Part 4

    In Part 4 of our Give series, titled, “Am I Generous?” we learn what generosity is, and see how generosity removes selfishness from our hearts. God gave generously to us and for us, so we should give generously as well.

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  • Give – Part 3

    In Part 3 of our Give series, we learn about the Principle of First. When we give to God, we give to Him the first and best of what we have been given, and He blesses the remainder. The first and best is set apart for Him, and the rest is redeemed when we give God our first and best.

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  • Give – Part 2

    What is tithing? Do I need to tithe? Is it biblical? In Part 2 of Give, learn how God created tithing as a two-way test between the believer and Himself and as a way for God’s stewards to take care of His Bride until Christ’s return.

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  • Give – Part 1

    Why did God create giving? Is He just after my money? Why should I give? Learn the principles of giving through this series as we explore giving, stewardship, generosity, seedtime and harvest and more.

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  • Habits – Part 3

    Small disciplines. Big results. Change isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible, either. Your future self is a result of the decisions you make each day. In this series, we’ll see how a few small habits can change how you see yourself today and can transform you into the person you want to be tomorrow.

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